To future or not to future?

Talking about me from some other perspective is – I can say – quite a bit weird and most of all scary. The girl, that left the Montenegro on August, 11th 2014. doesn’t exist anymore. No kidding, when I look at myself in the mirror I see different person. Person that – Thanks to God – finally have some goal in her life, and is determinate to accomplish them.

Big thing that is happening to me right now is thinking will my parents have money to pay school for me and everything.

You see, when I was at 8th grade, puberty screwed me bad. I stopped studying – When I say stop studying means not being straight A student- and I just thought that my life will be so easy and I will not have any troubles  and that my daddy (just because I am daddy’s little girl) will make everything happen without me doing anything. I can go with this list, on and on and on.. It is hilarious! 

Guess what, my future depends on next 5 years of schooling.


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