Thinking out loud.

Is it just me, or some songs, movies, books have a such big influence on me.


Few examples:

50 Shades of Grey:  I read this book and I just believe that they exist. And what people need to realize it is not ALL ABOUT SEX! it makes me mad because they see that book as a guide for being sadist and that is so not true, okay partially.. But, yet, I really want to meet someone like him, and just study him like a person and try to solve the puzzle of his personality. Past is not what makes us, it is a future!

Divergent: Aka different. Isn’t it just amazing how two persons change the world? That was my first taught when I read the book and than watched the movie. But, that’s not the point. They changed themselves and than then destroyed the regime that basically sucks but people were blind. Maybe, i can change my country.. #Montenegro


Goodbye World!

Yesterday I sad goodbye to one of my favorite friends from here. Being an exchange student is not easy anymore. I still have 50 days and yesterday showed me how my leaving is going to be hard. I miss this already.